Ultimaxx® Leathermaxx 100ml.

Ultimaxx® Leathermaxx 100ml.

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Ceramic coating designed specifically for leather!
- Professional and DIY applicable
- Breathable, won’t dry out or crack leather
- Easy application & removal
- Keeps leather soft and supple
- Repels liquids
- Protects from dye transfer
- Excellent for white, cream and other light coloured leather
- Excellent for leather seats, couches, hand bags, shoes, and other leather goods
- Up to 6 month durability
- Test small spot first

Apply Ultimaxx Leather Maintenance Cleaner prior to use.
Apply Ultimaxx Leathermaxx on our applicator with a 8 to 10 drops and work 4x4cm section(overlapping in one direction) and allow up to 1min to flash before wiping away with 2 Ultimaxx leveling Cloths
Apply a second layer after 1 hour for maximum results.
Buff off the surface using a clean folded Ultimaxx leveling cloth.
Turn the Ultimaxx leveling cloth frequently thus ensuring the optimal results.
Ultimaxx Ceramics recommends using 2 clean Ultimaxx leveling cloths per vehicle.