Ultimaxx® Glassmaxx

Ultimaxx® Glassmaxx

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Ultimaxx Glassmaxx

Ultimaxx GlassMaxx is a Durazane based Hyper Hydrophobic Ceramic Glass Coating.
Water simply rolls off the surface at 50mph, eliminating the need for windscreen wipers.
An Installation of Ultimaxx GlassMaxx is Air Dried after 1 hour and can be multi-layered.
It is safe to use on all glass surfaces, including home glass showered.

  • 6 Months durability.
  • Superb water behavior.
  • Air Dried Within 1 Hour


Apply Ultimaxx Panel Prep prior to use.
Apply Ultimaxx Glassmaxx on our applicator with a 8 to 10 drops and work 4x4cm section(overlapping in one direction) and allow up to 1min to flash before wiping away with 2 Ultimaxx leveling Cloths
Apply a second layer after 1 hour for maximum results.
Buff off the surface using a clean folded Ultimaxx leveling cloth.
Turn the Ultimaxx leveling cloth frequently thus ensuring the optimal results.
Ultimaxx Ceramics recommends using 2 clean Ultimaxx leveling cloths per vehicle.