SupraX Clear Armor

SupraX Clear Armor

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1. Supra Glass Cleanser™

Supra Glass Cleanser™ is a heavy-duty cream cleanser specifically designed for stains on glass. It deep cleans auto glass safely and effectively without scratching the surface.
Supra Glass Cleanser™ removes the buildup of

•Water Spots, Hard Water, Minerals, Oils ,Insects, Road Salt, Waxes ,Tree Sap, Road Grime, And Other Stains

Supra Glass Cleanser™ promotes Supra crystal clear glass & clear visibility and driving safety. Supra Glass Cleanser also renews older, worn glass and keeps glass stain & streak free.

2. Supra-X™

The simple one-step product application can greatly improve clarity and visibility to extend driver reaction time. Supra-X™ is a product that has outstanding durability, commercial grade service life, very high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Improving visibility during precipitation events and at night can improve your reaction time and create a safer driving experience for you and your family. When Supra-X™ is applied to your windshield, it makes visibility crisper as though you were looking through HD glass.

Approved for commercial/fleet vehicles

• Repels Rain, Sleet, and Snow on contact
• Increases Wet Weather Visibility by 34% for Extended Reaction Time
• Improves Clarity, Reduces Night Glare, and Reflections
• Deflects Small Road Debris to Reduce Damage to Glass
• Insects, Salt, Road Grime, Snow and Ice are Easily Removed
• Protects Against Acid Rain, Pitting, Fine Scratches, and Mineral Buildup
• Durability. Visibility. Cleanliness. Safety

3. Supra Boost Repellency™

Supra Boost Repellency™ Refortifies your vehicle’s windshield + windows to ensure “Optimal Visibility” so that you
can drive safely regardless of weather conditions
or due to exterior debris. It is recommended to use Supra Boost Repellency™